DrayTek Vigor 3910 Multi-WAN Internet Gateway Router

DrayTek Vigor 3910 Multi-WAN Internet Gateway Router
Product Code: V3910-K

High-Performance Router/Firewall Router with high capacity VPN


Key Features & Benefits

Powerful Enterprise Internet Gateway

Featuring a Quad-Core Processor, the Vigor 3910 readily meets the needs of demanding networks, with over 9Gb/s NAT throughput delivered through its 10GbE & 2.5GbE ports.

Benefits: Full potential of the Internet. Flexible application.

Flexible WAN Architecture

Spread the load across up to 8 WAN links with Load Balancing. Policy-based Routing enables intelligent and flexible failover, for reliable and resilient connectivity.

Benefits: Broadband Aggregation. Business continuity.

High Availability

Provide hardware redundancy to mission critical applications with the installation of a second Vigor 3910. The backup autonomously resumes connections in the event of hardware failover.

Benefits: Prevent a single point of failure. Maximum uptime.

High-Performance VPN Concentrator

The Vigor 3910 is ideal VPN Concentrator, providing over 3Gb/s of IPsec performance and 1Gb/s SSL VPN performance. Connect up to 500 IPsec and 200 SSL VPN tunnels simultaneously.

Benefits: No bottlenecks. Affordable high performance.

Switchable WAN & LAN Ports

12 physical ports with 4 dedicated LAN ports and 8 switchable LAN or WAN ports. Allowing for up to 11 LAN ports in total, or Load Balancing up to 8 WAN connections.

Benefits: Customisable to suit your network requirements.

Manage Multiple Networks

Create up to 50 VLANs, port-based or tag-based. Each fully configurable for NAT or Routing, sharing resources between networks or isolated from each other.

Benefits: Easily secure and segment your networks.

10Gb Enterprise Level High-Performance VPN Concentrator with Powerful 1.2GHz Quad-Core Processor

The Vigor 3910 is a Multi-WAN VPN Router designed for high performance and capable of handling the requirements of large and complex networks, with applications including Remote Access, Firewalling, Load-Balancing and Failover.

Featuring 12 LAN and WAN interfaces in total, 4 dedicated LAN ports and 8 switchable ports that can operate as LAN or WAN ports to fit your network requirements.

With up to 9Gb/s of NAT & Firewall throughput, the Vigor 3910 is suitable for the most demanding and bandwidth intensive SME applications. Each of the WAN ports on the Vigor 3910 can be grouped together to provide Load Balancing or operate as Failover or Backup WAN connections.

Based on the familiar DrayOS platform, the Vigor 3910 combines high performance and capacity with DrayTek's traditional ease of use and comprehensive feature set.

For multi-tenant or departmental flexibility, the Vigor3910 will support multiple LAN IP subnets, together with VLAN capabilities and user management, providing access to WAN resources only to the appropriate users or departments, as well as maintaining infrastructure efficiency.