Out of Warranty Inspection

Out of Warranty Inspection
Product Code: OWI




If you have a DrayTek product which is out of warranty or not covered by the warranty terms for whatever reason (including physical/accidental damage to the unit), the service centre can examine/test the unit and advise whether a repair can be affected. There is a fixed fee of £36 (inc. VAT) for this service which covers the following (where applicable) :

  1. Issuing and administering the RMA (Returns authorisation)

  2. Examination/Assessment of the unit

  3. Minor repairs (not requiring major components, for example whole circuit boards or internal PSU’s)

  4. Labour & minor parts

  5. Advising you of major work/cost which might be necessary

  6. Re-testing of the unit following repair

  7. Delivery cost of returning the product to you (UK/NI only)

  8. 90 Day warranty on all repairs carried out

The fee does not include the cost of any major parts or components and is non-refundable, even if you choose not to proceed with a costed repair, or if no fault is found/reproduced.

If the main circuit board requires replacing the, the charge for this depends on the specific model of product. Replacement costs of internal PSUs vary, the cost of this is provided on request.

If we believe that a unit is beyond economic/practical repair when you submit the RMA form, we will advise you before issuing the RMA in order that you can cancel the RMA request. We can service only UK specification products, and only products which were sold in the UK.