VigorAP 903

VigorAP 903
Product Code: VAP903-K
Managed 11ac Wave 2 Business-class Mesh Wireless Access Point


Mesh Wireless

DrayTek's Mesh system connects and intelligently manages a group of VigorAPs over wireless. The Self-Optimising Mesh ensures your wireless network nodes are always using the fastest path to the Mesh Root.

Benefits: Quick to set up and easy to manage. Reduces the need for cable installation.


Mesh Nodes identify the best next hop and connect with it automatically. In case of a Mesh Node failure, the surrounding nodes automatically re-connect and resume service without downtime.

Benefits: Eliminates Wireless dead zones. Zero downtime.

5 Gigabit LAN Ports

Transfer from Wireless to Wired Ethernet devices without bottlenecks, using the 5 Gigabit LAN ports. Connect extra network devices into your network or Mesh, without the need for an additional switch.

Benefits: Connect up to 5 Wired Ethernet devices at high speed.

Easy to Configure and Manage

The DrayTek Wireless app simplifies setting up your network. Optionally configure and monitor through one of DrayTek's management platforms - VigorACS cloud, VigorConnect, Router AP Management, or directly via the AP's Web Interface.

Benefits: Quick to install and change configuration.

Power Over Ethernet

The VigorAP 903 can be powered through its Ethernet cable with standard IEEE 802.3af PoE, for a tidier and more convenient installation.

Benefits: Easily install the VigorAP in locations without mains power.

Wireless Optimisation

802.11ac Wave 2: Multi-User MIMO improves efficiency.

Band Steering: Allows 5GHz devices to achieve optimum speeds.

Airtime Fairness: Improves time management for wireless clients.

AP Assisted Roaming: Helps clients connect to the best AP.

VigorAP 903

Mesh Wireless 802.11ac Range Extender & Access Point

VigorAP 903 is a high-performance Mesh Wireless solution, designed to expand the wireless coverage, eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and significantly reduce the cost of network deployments. It can also be used as a traditional access point either managed or stand alone so has the flexibility to be used how you need it.

The VigorAP 903 is a dual-band 802.11ac Wave 2 Mesh Wireless solution, designed to eliminate wireless drop outs, stuttering videos, slow download speeds, poor signal and Wi-Fi dead zones. One access point acts as the controller (Mesh root) and in total up to 8 access points create an easy to manage wireless mesh. Extend coverage without running expensive cabling.

Initial setup of the VigorAP 903 is easy with the DrayTek Wireless app, whether it's creating a new Mesh network or being set up in AP and Range Extender modes, the Quick Start Wizard assists throughout.
Manage the VigorAP 903 centrally through the VigorACS central management platform, VigorConnect, Router AP Management, or simply on its own as a stand-alone access point. The VigorAP 903 has the flexibility to be used how you need it.