VigorAP 802

VigorAP 802
Product Code: VAP802-K

Dual- band, 802.11ac. Can operate as AP or as part of DrayTek mesh


Mesh Wireless

Grow your Mesh network with the VigorAP 802 as a Mesh Node using DrayTek Mesh wireless system. The Self-Optimising Mesh ensures your wireless network nodes are always using the fastest path to the mesh root.

Benefits: Quick to set up and easy to manage. Reduces the need for cable installation.


Mesh Nodes identify the best next hop and connect with it automatically. In case of a Mesh Node failure, the surrounding nodes automatically re-connect and resume service without downtime.

Benefits: Eliminates Wireless dead zones. Zero downtime.

Gigabit LAN Port

Transfer from Wireless to Wired Ethernet devices without bottlenecks, using the Gigabit LAN port underneath. In Access Point mode, use the Ethernet port for a fast uplink to the router and Internet.

Benefits: Connect Wired Ethernet devices via Wireless at high speed. Avoid long cable runs.

Easy to Configure and Manage

The DrayTek Wireless app simplifies setting up your network. Optionally configure and monitor through one of DrayTek's management platforms - VigorACS cloud, VigorConnect, Router AP Management, or directly via the AP's Web Interface.

Benefits: Quick to install and change configuration.

Small and Tidy Design

Simply plug the VigorAP 802 in to a UK wall plug power socket to expand wireless coverage. No need for additional power adapters or cables. The VigorAP's LED indicators can be scheduled or disabled to stop it lighting up a room.

Benefits: Convenient installation. Clean and unobtrusive look once installed.

Wireless Optimisation

Band Steering: Allows 5GHz devices to achieve optimum speeds.

Airtime Fairness: Improves time management for wireless clients.

AP Assisted Roaming: Helps clients connect to the best AP.

VigorAP 802

Mesh Wireless 802.11ac Range Extender & Access Point

VigorAP 802 is a high-performance Mesh Wireless Access Point and Range Extender. With a Mesh network, you can easily expand wireless coverage, eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and significantly reduce the cost of network deployments. DrayTek's Mesh wireless solution supports VLAN tags, allowing you to provide two distint and separate wireless networks, such as an internal and a guest network, without any cable installation required.

The VigorAP 802 is a Mesh Node to be used in conjunction with a Mesh Root, such as the VigorAP 903 Mesh Wireless Access Point. It can also be used as a traditional Access Point to provide wireless connectivity for your network. Extend wireless coverage for regular wireless networks without Mesh with the Range Extender mode. This joins the VigorAP 802 to an existing wireless network, expanding its coverage.

The plug design makes the VigorAP 802 easy to install and tidy once in place. With a Gigabit LAN port on the underside to connect Wired Ethernet devices into your Mesh network.

Initial setup of the VigorAP 802 is easy with the DrayTek Wireless app, whether it's joining an existing Mesh network or being set up in AP and Range Extender modes, the Quick Start Wizard assists throughout.
Manage the VigorAP 802 centrally through the VigorACS central management platform, VigorConnect, Router AP Management, or simply on its own as a stand-alone access point. The VigorAP 802 has the flexibility to be used how you need it.